Electric Handheld Coffee Grinder

Electric Handheld Coffee Grinder

ITEM: 50013

It all starts with the beans, so don’t compromise them. Brim’s Electric Handheld Grinder delivers perfectly uniform coffee grounds every time. Stainless steel burrs optimize grind speed, preserving the coffee’s aroma.

The clean, compact design is simply operated and offers up to nine size settings from espresso to French press. Get grinding.


Compact Grinder for daily fresh ground coffee for best coffee flavour

Stainless Steel Burr

Stainless Steel Burr for precise grinding

Easy to use

Simple 1 button operation

Gentle operating

Slow speed, less heat to preserve coffee’s aroma.


Coffee bean container capacity – 30g


Easy dispensing


Light weight and compact size for easy portability

Maximum extraction

Specially designed to achieve maximum extraction from Aeropress

9 Precise settings

9 precise settings for different grind sizes for a large range of brewing techniques from the finest espresso grind to the coarsest French press grind.

  • Setting 1 – 2 (finest, for home use espresso coffee grind and Aeropress)
  • Setting 3 – 7 (medium, for drip coffee grind)
  • Setting 8 – 9 (most coarse, for French press powder)